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Yet I was European casino roulette to learn that the longest run of the same colour (reported) was THIRTY-NINE consecutive reds!. Imagine if you were betting on black, and saying to yourself each time "no worries, it's got to be black next time. Surely?" But let's go back to the more common occurrence of a losing run of 7 even money bets. We will be betting on the red. We place a £1 bet on the first spin.

It's black. We chase our loss by 'doubling up' and next bet £2. If we were to carry on in this manner, after 6 spins we would be betting £64 to win our original £1 I sincerely hope my point is getting across. By chasing your losses you can very quickly see your stakes climbing to preposterous levels, to win your original, relatively small stake. The risk is way out of proportion compared to the potential reward. One last example to really ram the point home. The Racing Post runs a tipster competition. All the leading racing journalists are involved, representing the nation's newspapers and horse racing publications.

These are experts at tipping horses. Take a look at the results table any day, and see for yourself the longest losing run. Remember, these are the experts. I looked today, and Racing Post PostData has suffered this season a losing run of twenty-seven. Twenty-seven consecutive losers from an expert tipster. And believe me, he is not on his own, just the worst offender this season so far. There is an old saying - "Don't throw good money after bad". If your selections don't make a profit from simple level stakes betting, don't try and make them profitable by throwing more Black jack online gratis spielen at them.

You may survive with a profit for a while, but this approach is a disaster waiting to happen. Sooner or later you WILL blow your online grand casino slots bank chasing a disproportionately small profit. If your selections don't make a profit from simple level stakes betting, change your system. Betting On Horse Racing - Sensible Money Management (Part 5) The Single-Most Critical Factor to Making a Profit From Betting on Horse Racing My Golden Rules Of Betting For National Hunt Horse Racing Horse Racing Black jack online gratis spielen Betting on Horse Racing - Learning to Spot the Secret Signs to More Winners Horse Race Betting - Betfair Turning Losers Into Winners Do You Know Your Handicaps From Your Conditions Races.

An Introduction To Laying Horses To Lose Post Mortem - If A Bet Wins Or Loses You Must Go Through The Race So You Don't Miss Future Winners To make betting on horse racing tomorrow or any other day pay, you somehow have to create an advantage against the bookmaker. Considering how the prices are put together in any one book you will struggle to do this if you do not learn to specialise. You may have been in to a bookmakers shop before. For the uninitiated it can be a daunting experience.

A wild variety of people are going about their business quietly and others not so quietly. When you do and Black jack online gratis spielen see the same faces, desperately running to the counter to get Black jack online gratis spielen 50 pence bet on a dog race. Understand that these are habitual gamblers that are unemployable and that last bet is number eight in a losing sequence of eight. The bookmakers are quite happy for this lot to quickly spend every penny that the state has so handsomely provided.

You have to be better than this (in more ways than one!) and all you need to do is enjoy what you do and know WHEN to bet and WHEN not to bet. Specialise. The very greatest professional gamblers on the face of the planet do just this. Whether it be when Black jack online gratis spielen in sixteen runner handicaps or fields of only eight runners in Novice Chases. No one man on the planet has the brain capacity or time to understand every permutation of every horse race on every day of the year.

In learning to specialise in a racing 'niche' you will be positioning yourself with the knowledge that you need to unlock more winning bets. Unlocking more winning bets when gambling on horse racing tomorrow is one thing. Another facet of betting that many fail to recognise as just important is MINIMISING LOSSES. It sounds so obvious right, but then if it is so obvious why does the 50 pence dog punter keep running to the counter to lose more money.

Sometimes I think the dogs racing have more intelligence. So if you begin to take this seriously and educate yourself as much as can be done in the racing niche of your Black jack online gratis spielen. You really will learn the sport so well, that the odds come crashing back in your favour. You will: 1) Understand the form book more thoroughly 2) Begin to learn Black jack online gratis spielen detail the intricacies of different racecourses 3) Learn when a jockey does well at a particular track 4) Discover when a trainer AND jockey do particularly well at a certain track 5) Learn the condition preferences of different horses and their progeny.

6) Understand value prices more often as you learn all of the above. With a few seasons under your belt you will begin to know where the value prices are in any book of your Black jack online gratis spielen niche and if you cannot see value then you still have the one most powerful tool in your armoury against the bookmaker. You do not have to bet. You do not have to bet in every race unlike the bookmaker. This is one of the best things to keep in mind when you plan a potential bet on horse racing tomorrow and once learned this behaviour will become ingrained in your psyche and your betting balance, as if by magic will increase.

With the popularity of traditional horse racing in the U.betting on horse races has also become popular in the country and even among other nations as well. So, where's the fun and excitement in horse race betting. Well, aside from the fun of watching the race itself, betting on horse races and making money out of it makes it even more enjoyable. The simplicity or complexity of horse race betting depends on how much money you would want to make and how lucky you are while on it.

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