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When Arizona, financially and physically devastated by the illegal human wave, passes legislation to bring some degree of control to the problem, the entire country goes hysterical, attempts boycotts of Arizona products and services, and the president orders prosecution of ARIZONA for doing what he should have done long ago. Public officials condemn the law without bothering to read it. In the most farcical government attempt to solve the problem, federal online slots ladbrokes post signs well inside Arizona's borders warning that it could be dangerous to proceed further onto United States territory.

Just what outrageous action had Arizona taken to initiate such a fire storm. Leaving out the legalese and boiling it down to bare but correct essentials, the state had passed a law that succinctly specifies that, "Any immigration act that is illegal under Federal law is illegal under Arizona law, and will be enforced by state law officials. " That's it. The problem with this arose because many people, especially the president of the United States, did not want the Federal law enforced. To online slots real money ipad people, such as ranchers, farmers, factory owners, and other citizens, the illegal immigrants offered cheap labor.

To the president, they represented future votes for democrats. Upholding the law just wouldn't do. Things were going well for the president and the employers of illegal labor by just letting the Border Patrol make ineffectual gestures of enforcing the law. Of course, they could have eliminated the problem by eliminating the law, but too many people who did not benefit from the existing situation would resist dropping the law altogether. At last report, the president's advisors were looking into whether the president could nullify the law on his own without facing impeachment. Evidently best online casinos 2018 idea that maybe he should start enforcing the valid, established law never occurred to him.

Illegal immigration does not pose the only legal issue on the minds of many Americans today. Every day, Americans go to jail or pay fines for doing things that cause no harm to anyone else. They go to jail because they did something that another person had consented to, and thus had no victim. The legal profession calls these acts victimless crimes or consensual crimes. No unwilling person suffered because of their unlawful acts, the country suffered no loss, in fact no one had incurred any harm or loss because of these acts.

What kind of behavior could incur such caesars casino online promo code punishment. Well, if a man (usually) offers a woman (usually) a sum of money to entertain him sexually, or if the woman makes such an offer, the crime of prostitution has occurred. It's feasible, but not common, that the man could suffer harm from caesars casino online promo code but no coercion occurred. Likewise, no harm normally occurs to the woman. If it does, her representative (known in the law as her pimp), takes remedial action against the purchaser of the sexual favors (known in the caesars casino online promo code as the John). In most countries economically or culturally similar to the United States, such a transaction is monitored mainly for the control of sexual disease, but is unquestionably caesars casino online promo code.

Other consensual or victimless crimes exist, predominantly in the United States. In fact, fourteen states consider oral sex (known in some states as sodomy) caesars casino online promo code consenting heterosexual adults illegal, a crime. If it's a crime, who's the victim. And if it is a crime, how does the law enforcement community detect the act and punish those involved. And in any case, why does the unaware public wish to pay taxes to prevent or punish such acts. Not only that, but nine states prohibit missionary style (man usually on top) sex between consenting unmarried adults. Again, if this constitutes a crime, who's the victim. Furthermore, how does the state monitor such acts.

Ten states make it illegal to live with someone you are not married to as if you were actually married (that must include having sex). The questions arise, not only how does the state know, but why does it care. And what punishment would prove appropriate. But let's not obsess about sex. Other victimless or consensual "crimes" include gambling, using certain drugs even for religious purposes, pornography, obscenity, polygamy, polyandry, homosexuality, suicide (what's the punishment?), assisted suicide, loitering, vagrancy, public nudity, transvestism, and so on. So, what's the point of all this. Well, we should make a deal.

If Obama misuses his presidential authority or if Congress passes an amnesty law forgiving illegal immigrants for their crimes live dealer aams the state, we should demand a deal in favor of peaceful, otherwise law abiding Americans who wish to commit what are currently crimes without victims. Why, after all, should a man and a woman, maybe caesars casino online promo code husband and wife, have to go before a judge and admit that they had oral caesars casino online promo code, including who did what to whom. And how is the judge to determine at precisely what point was the law broken. This sounds like a reasonable trade off to me. If the government is going to condone truly criminal acts by illegal intruders, why shouldn't it decriminalize acts by citizens that harm no one.

After all, I'm not suggesting that we do something that politicians don't do all the time. Quid pro quo at its finest. Actually, the solution to the illegal immigration problem is simplicity itself. Just have the Mexican law on the topic, which is much more harsh and punitive than ours, translated into English, and do the minor editing required by the change in jurisdiction. Then demand that Congress adopt it and Obama sign it within thirty days of the publication of this article, sponsor news stories about the change in law throughout Latin American, and rejoice at the immediate halt in caesars casino online promo code violation of our borders.

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