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You can re-split if a third like-valued card appears. Or you can double down on the split hands should an appropriate card be drawn. For example, if you have split 8's and catch a 3 on the first 8, you may now double down on this total of 11. Both re-splitting and doubling and doubling down after a split are to casino free bonus no purchase player's advantage. Doubling Down The player may double the size of the original bet and elect to draw only one additional card. The typical doubling situation is where you have a hand that stands a chance of becoming a very good hand with one additional card; for example, your first two cards total 10 or 11. To indicate a double down bet, slide a second wager to the side of the original bet. This wager may be as much as but no more than your original bet.

If you are playing in a face-down game, you must expose your cards. Virtually all casinos permit doubling on 11 and 10; most on 11, 10, and 9, and many will allow it on any two cards. The latter rule is the most advantageous to the player. When the dealer shows an A, players are given the option of tak-ing insurance against the dealers' having blackjack. Calling this "insurance" is a bit misleading. Actually, it is nothing other than a side bet that is paid at casino free bonus no purchase to 1.

If you wish to take insurance (which is only recommended in very specific circumstances recognizable by an expert card counter only), place a bet equal to half your original bet in the semicircle running just in front of the your betting spot. If the dealer has black-jack, you will lose your original bet but win the insurance wa-ger and break even on the hand. If the dealer does not casino free bonus no purchase blackjack, you will lose the insurance bet and the hand will be played out normally. Surrender If your hand looks particularly unpromising against the dealers' exposed card, you have the option of surrendering half of your bet and retiring from the hand.

For example, should you have 9, 7 against a dealer 10 and your chances of winning the hand are slim -- less than. 5 -- and it would be to your advantage to give up half your bet. There are to forms of surrender: "late" and "early. " In the late form, the player may surrender after the first two cards provided that the dealer does not have blackjack. In online slots us friendly surrender, the player may surrender after the first two cards even when the dealer is later revealed to have blackjack. Both forms of surrender are to the players' ad-vantage, with early surrender being most beneficial. Not all casinos permit late surrender, and those that do don't necessarily post it at the tables.

No deposit casino USA friendly for the occasional promotion, no casino offers early surrender any longer. Learn Card Counting and the 100 legal secrets that Las Vegas Professional BlackJack Players use to make thousands each week. It is all too common for the beginner to let themselves down in a game of Blackjack by failing to split their paired starting cards at the right times. Those who know all too little about the game may fail to split their cards; whereas others consistently split their pairs. A wise Blackjack player will find a happy medium. The aim of splitting your cards is, of course, to make the most possible profit.

But - for this reason - it is essential that you learn not to let greed get you carried away. Five simple, but essential rules for splitting cards are given below: 1 - Splitting a pair of 10s or face cards is always a bad idea. These hands (made 20s) are as close to perfect as you can get; so keep your hand and collect your chips. Always. (Splitting your cards against a weak dealer card may be tempting; but, in the long run, this is a losing strategy. ) 2 - Play pairs of 5s like a 10. Unless the dealer has an ace or a 10, doubling down with your pair of 5s is the best idea. 3 - A 16 is a bad hand. Perhaps the worst hand. So always split a pair of 8s - turn it into a pair of 18s and enjoy the dealer's getting a 17 or push. 4 - The best possible split that you can casino free bonus no purchase is to a pair of aces.

This split is so good, in fact, that many casinos' rules state that, after splitting, you must take your winnings and casino free bonus no purchase. Even then: always split your aces. 5 - If the dealer has a 5 or 6, split any other pair. At this point, he is incredibly weak, so this is a perfect opportunity to get as much money as possible on the table. Bet365 mobile slots the very weakest of hands that you might have have potential to beat these. When you have any other hands, it's a good idea to split against the weaker cards. (Weaker cards being those from 2 through to 6.

) Stronger hands should just be hit against. (Stronger hands including those from 8s right up to aces. ) The only situations where these rules do not necessarily apply are those where you have a pair of 9s, casino free bonus no purchase pair of 4s or the dealer has a 7. Aim for an 18. So, unless the dealer has a 5, 6 or up, you're going to want to hit a pair of 4s. However - unless the dealer is showing a 7, a 10 or an ace - you should split a pair of 9s. This might seem to be at odds with common sense, but there's an important blackjack strategy behind this move.

A 7 you can almost certainly beat. And when you have an 18, you should really be careful of the premium dealer cards. In the average game, we can calculate that the rest of the splits are the best moves that you can make. The most difficult hand to play against. A dealer 7. The best way to play against a dealer 7 is to hit with 4s or 6s and split any other pairs.

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