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If you want to go rich you can hire a dealer and set up a real game of blackjack or roulette. Or you can go for just fun and have everyone change in 1. 00 for chips worth pennies. You could even set up a mini poker tournament of the card game Texas hold em. Play solitaire until someone wins. 6) Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun. No one likes to plan one, but when you're involved in one at a party it's a very good time. 7) If it's a family party, try putting everyone's babytoddler picture on a wall and having everyone guess who's who. It'll be funny to see who picks who because of certain features. The stories to go along with the pictures will be funny as well.

Avoiding paying credit card late fees seem impossible to many, but remember: when there's a will, there's definitely a way, and usually more than one at that. It's all about exploring all your alternatives and setting the wheels in motion. Tip 1 Arrange for an automated system. If your credit card is linked to your banking account, you could arrange for the company to automatically deduct your credit card payment from your account. If you always have a healthy account, you won't have any problems after play free casino video slots. But if you don't then you better start nursing your account into good health or you'll be charged more than the usual amount involved with late fees.

Tip 2 If you can't pay the full amount of money you owe for this month then pay for the minimum amount. Credit card companies won't get on your back just as long as you pay the minimum amount. After all, paying the minimum means they'll receive money while you'll incur higher interest charges the next month. This tip is best used as a last resort and for emergency purposes only. Tip 3 Sometimes, late card fees are all because of having the wrong due dates. And contrary to first-timers' opinions, due dates are not set in stone. If you want to have them changed then you can do so.

You don't even need to give the credit card company a valid reason if you don't want to. All you need to do is inform them. Does money slip past your fingers so easily. Do casino games online websites have nothing left by the time your bills casino games online websites at your doorstep. Moving the due dates to coincide with your payday is a good decision to make if the main reason why you're incurring all those late fees is due to your slippery hands. Of course, you do still need to exert willpower to ensure that your money is used for paying your credit card bills and not for other recreational fees. Tip 4 People who aren't too detailed-oriented often end up casino games online websites credit card late fees because they forget to play by the rules.

Credit card companies can be quite meticulous if you fail to pay as instructed, you could end up paying credit card late fees due to mere technical violations. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your credit card company's payment rules and guidelines. Know the exact cutoff times and dates for payments. There may also be certain branches that you have to and paying to other branches would be considered unacceptable. Other times, you are required to pay using a certain envelope and with your statement of account enclosed.

These are just some of the little things that you could overlook and end up causing you late fees. Tip 5 Take advantage of technology. Nowadays, there's no need to pay in person all the time. Credit card bills can be settled in a number of ways, and you should choose what would be most convenient for you to avoid incurring late fees. You can pay by phone, mail, or even online. Of course, not all these express methods are readily available. You might have to inform your credit card company first about your preferences or register an account.

Tip 6 Ask and it shall be waived. If you've been a good payer all this time and your late fee is a one-time flux, your credit card company wouldn't mind waiving it if you ask nicely. Of course, make sure that you do have a valid reason for incurring it in the casino games online websites place. And don't do it again. Tip 7 Lastly, if a Skip-a-Payment option is offered by your credit card company, take it. But make sure you don't get addicted. Incurring credit card late fees is a vice just like smoking and gambling.

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