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So you buy books, go online for information and with your new found knowledge practice for months until you think you have it down no deposit slotland bonus. A friend has dealt thousands of hands to you. You hold conversations while counting, play gamble online reviews music, everything the books tell you to do. The whole process has taken 7 long months, but it has been worth it because the time has come to take it to the casino. Nothing can stop you from realizing your gamble online reviews of becoming a professional card counter and making millions of dollars.

You'll never have to work again. So you pack your bags and jump on a plane to Las Vegas or Atlantic City or any of the 29 states where casinos are now legal. You check into your room and sit there for an hour psyching yourself up for the coming 5 days. You have a nice sized bankroll, basic strategy is automatic, card counting, gamble online reviews could almost do it in your sleep. You know what your bankroll should be and that's what you put in your pocket. No way you're going to lose more than the system allows. It's time to rock and roll. You play about 6 hours, make few mistakes that you know about and don't get any heat from the pit. All in all it's been a good session, except for gamble online reviews thing.

You lost. Not much, but you lost. Did you make any mistakes. You bet you did. You broke the first two rules of card counting. You committed gamble online reviews whole bankroll on your first session. What you should have done was play two or three sessions for minimum bets until you were comfortable with playing in a casino. The second rule you broke was playing for 6 hours. Even seasoned pros play no more than 4 hour sessions. Two hours is even better. The reason for these two rules is, 1 you should be totally comfortable with the betting and casino atmosphere before committing your entire bankroll and 2, the longer you play the more tired you will get and the more mistakes you will make.

So keep your sessions short. The next day you go back and lose again. A little more this time. Gamble online reviews goes on for the entire time you're there. Five days of Hell. By the time you leave and get on the plane you have lost 34 of your bankroll. You're thinking bad thoughts all the way home. You get home and announce to your friends that card counting doesn't work and you are quitting. It happens every day. You lost confidence in the system. Even though you know it works you can't believe that you could have lost, therefore it doesn't work. All because you broke the first Poker insattningsbonus rules of card counting. The fact is that had you played with gamble online reviews money for a couple of sessions you gamble online reviews have lost so much.

But, the biggest problem was that you played too long. Had you played 2 hours instead of 6 hours you would have won 4 of 5 sessions(a guess). You got tired and made mistakes in the second half of the sessions which turned you into a loser. Had you followed the rules, your bankroll and your ego would still be in tact and you would be ready to continue your counting career knowing that counting works and that you are playing correctly. A final word. Expect to lose sessions. You're in it for the long haul. Play by ALL the rules, not just the ones you like. Smarter people than you or I made the rules and they work. Ed Irion has been a professional Blackjack player for 31 years. He has made millions of dollars playing Blackjack in casinos all over the world.

He still plies his trade in the casino today using many aliases. This article is part of a series of articles to help you learn and better understand Blackjack. Online casinos are the new hype of the Internet, and one of the biggest games is roulette.

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