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Yes, it is a lot Lasvegas casino hard work, but it certainly beats forgetting the words or having to pause and start over a few measures into a song. The audience can tell when Lasvegas casino are prepared, and they will pay more attention to your music Lasvegas casino they think you know what you are doing. There is no such thing as too much practice. Bring backups and replacements. Try to have a replacement on hand for anything that could get lost or broken during your set. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. This means bring plenty of extra guitar picks, a spare capo or slide. even a backup guitar or amp, if you have one. It would certainly be a shame if your killer set were cut short because of a broken string or blown tube. Stay hydrated. And by "Stay hydrated," I mean drink plenty of water, not beer or soda.

Singing is hard work, especially of you play an instrument as well, and you will probably end up sweating and getting thirsty. Keep a bottle of water nearby to sip on, because you'll need it. Singing has a tendency to dry out your throat after a while. Take care of your vocal chords with water before and during the show, and they will take care of you. Don't talk too much. Many young musicians seem to have a problem with not knowing when to stop talking to the audience. I'm not saying that you shouldn't Lasvegas casino with the audience at all, I'm just saying that it's not a good idea to spend 7 minutes between songs, explaining where you Lasvegas casino each one and what all the lyrics are about.

More often than not, your time on the Lasvegas casino will Lasvegas casino limited, so try to fill that time with as much music as possible, because that's what the audience is interested in. Your songs are what they will remember you and keep coming back to see you for, not your public speaking ability. Throw some well-known covers into the mix. Even if you have enough original material to fill your entire time slot, playing a classic that the audience can sing along to is a good idea from time to time. It's a great way to engage your viewers and get them involved in your performance, and it also shows them that you can do more than just originals (not that there's anything wrong with doing all originals, of course).

It's also an opportunity to show the audience some of your musical influences. Are you ready to actually make money playing poker. I've got 5 bulletproof tips to share with you that will help you make some serious cash playing poker online. While these tips are foolproof don't get to eager and jump in with your eyes closed. Being Lasvegas casino eager will cause you to make poor decisions and ruin your chances to win at Texas Hold'em.

I always recommend you play poker online. Sure you can play with your buddies, but the real money is playing poker in volume and the internet is the only way to see hundreds of hands. However, these tips apply to both online poker and home games. Patience. This is number one for a reason. If you are not patient you are going to lose money. Likely all of it. Remain patient and wait for great cards. Once you get great cards then you don't have to be patient any Lasvegas casino. Bet, Bet, Bet. Hand Selection. Know what great cards look like. Suited Connectors. Pocket Pairs.

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