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The vast majority of all sports bettors have no idea what they are doing. As a result, they Play real slot games lose every single year. All they lack is an understanding of the basics and a strategy to apply them. The first thing you should know is online casino hong kong the books don't control the games. They put out spreads in effort to sway online casino hong kong, but that is all they can do. And some of those spreads can present an advantage for you to bet on. And advantages can be found online casino hong kong of the spreads by looking at the game situation. The point is, there are many opportunities to bet at an advantage in sports betting. You will never find these at the casino, where the house does control the game.

Most people never realize they can gain a legitimate advantage, thus they never find it. The most successful strategy in sports betting is to never place a bet where you do not know for a fact you have at least a 53 chance of a winning outcome. Whether it is based on online casino hong kong point spread, or some other situation, if you follow that rule you will win. Not every bet, but every season you will win more than you lose and that means making money. Doing that requires knowledge that must come from an investment of your time, or you can bypass that by purchasing a betting system that has the information in it already.

Betting without the right information at your fingertips can often leave you at a big disadvantage that is easy enough to avoid. DIY Sports Betting can save you years of research by providing known edges for the NFL and NBA, as well as some unique handicapping tools for games without a known edge. See it for yourself. Winning with knowledge. Poker Quiz Answers to Up Your Game Question 1. You have Jd-10d on the button. It is the middle of the tournament. You have 45,000. The blinds are 2,000-4,000. The player under the gun limps, you limp, and the BB taps the table. There is 14,000 in the pot. The flop is 9s-6h-3c. The first two players check and you check.

The turn is a 3s. Everyone checks. The river is a 3d. Everyone checks. At showdown, the pre-flop raiser wins the hand. Question: What would you have done differently and why. Answer: On the flop when both players check after limping in, you can assume they have a typical limping hand and whiffed. It is a rainbow flop, so making a bet will most likely take down the pot. Bet 9,000 and expect a nice win. Question 2. You have pocket 4's on the button.

It is the middle of the tournament. You have 85,000. The blinds are 2,000-4,000. The player under the gun raises to 10,000. He has 72,000. Everyone folds to you. You call. Only the two of you see the flop. The online casino hong kong is Qs-8d-2h. The pre-flop raiser bets 16,000. You fold. Folding is OK here, since the raise was from early position. If this was a player who has been raising too often, I may consider a call because he is loose and it is a steal flop. A steal flop is where there are no draws and a player would need a queen or a higher pocket pair to online casino hong kong comfortable betting on the flop. Question 3.