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1 and you are serious about poker, do yourself a serious favor and go and buy this book IMMEDIATELY. When you get the book, study it like it's a college textbook and your cramming for the final exam. This book is set up to be your textbook and if you don't use it, you're just missing out on your education. Wiki is the best blog for tips, strategy, book reviews and news related to the poker world and any serious student of the game who wants to take their game to the next level.

Learn from those who are learning what they teach, the players just like you. Book Review of the Tao of Chess by Peter Kurzdorfer - Reveals Tournament Poker Principles Poker Book Review - Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'em by Collin Moshman Hold 'em Poker For Advanced Players - A Review Book Review: Now All We Need Is a Title Review-Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st Century Writer Organizational Performance Doesn't Come Easy - Know the Ropes and Strategies Title: Twisted, By: Author: Lola Smirnova - Book Review The Mother-in-Law's Manual - A Review Disasters Happen - Are Some Due to the Optimism, Bureaucracy and Arrogance of Man.

The Education Enigma You're more likely to find yourself with time to spend with a good book after you retire. Consider that there are basically two kinds of good books: 1) those that expand the mind, and 2) those that relax the mind. It's easy to stay sharp and stress-free by keeping one of each on hand. If you're in the mood to stretch your mind, try non-fiction or a online casino reviews south africa with a historical basis in fact. If you're feeling tense, curl up with fiction or humor. Either way, a good online casino reviews south africa is always a great retirement companion. Here are two good book options, one to expand relax the mind, and other to get you thinking: Expanding Read Liars Poker by Michael Lewis Published in 1990, this funny, insightful story from a Wall Street insider takes us from the training room to the trading floor in one of Wall Street's premier investment firms.

What makes this book particularly relevant today is the behind-the-scenes story it tells of how mortgage bonds originated and grew to be one of Wall Street's most profitable products, shedding considerable light on the origination of the mortgage market that plagues Wall Street today. It's a witty, thoroughly enjoyable account of American Business. Relaxing Read Beach Road by James Patterson This page-turner can be read in a matter of hours, and you won't want to put it down. James Patterson spins a murder mystery in the Hamptons and wraps it up with a surprising twist. Available in paperback, this is a fun, easy read that you'll want to share with friends. Whether you're in the mood for intellectual stimulation or pure leisure, you should find both of the aforementioned books extremely enjoyable.

If you've already read them or they're just not your bag, hit your local bookstore or browse online casino reviews south africa sites like Amazon. Hunting for a good read is a fun retirement activity on its own. CLICK HERE for free tips on how you can maximize your retirement. is a popular resource for retirees and those planning for retirement. Bookmakers have surely become a part of our life- a number of people who would like to try their fortune without relying on blind chances but due to their knowledge of sports and intuition is becoming greater and greater.

Are you a new gambler. Then, before you start gambling, you should thoroughly learn the rules and terms of a sportsbook you would like to bet at. The gamble odds reflect event outcome expectancy. Odds can change with the course of time but the bookmaker makes payouts by the odds you fixed at the gambling time. Sportsbooks offer their odds in traditional, American and decimal formats. Equiprobable event (without the margin) is given in decimal format with the odds of 2.

0 (the payout is calculated by multiplying the bet by the odds), in traditional format with the odds of 1 (even odds) and in American format with the odds of 100 (how much you need to bet to win 100). Our gamblers got used to the decimal odds they are well familiar with. Every bookmaker has its own payout rules for the case when microgaming casino 200 bonus event didn't take place. So, if the online casino reviews south africa is cancelled most sportsbooks make payouts with the odds of 1. 0 that is they make a refund. You can also get a refund if there is an evident mistake in odds calculations. That is a very tricky moment as inexperienced gamblers often lose their money in such a situation as they bet by false odds double down casino android to get a payout simultaneously trumping another result.

I would no way advice you to do like that. But everyone makes online casino reviews south africa or her own choice and it often happens when bookmakers make their payouts by bets with obviously false odds as well. General Rules are similar for different bookmakers but there is a different approach to some kinds of sports like baseball, hockeytennis, etc. So, in baseball when a game lasts for less than 9 innings the bookmakers can consider the game played on the basis of the first 4. 5 or first 5 innings results. A starting pitcher is often substituted in baseball, so, the odds calculation rules are different for different bookmakers in this case.

The Rules differ a lot for tennis betting if one of the players was hurt and refused to continue the game. Different bookmakers can calculate both the betting refund and announce the player who was qualified for the next tour the winner. Both one service played through and completed set can be the necessary condition for betting calculation. There are discrepancies in bookmakers' rules as for the game time (overtimes or penalty shootouts) in basketball and hockey. You should pay attention to the handicap calculation rules as well.

Thus, our bookmakers calculate the winner's bet with the handicap of- 1 if the game finishes with the result of 1-0 with the odds of 1 (betting refund), and most foreign bookmakers this betting will result in loss. The examples given make just a part of situations you can come across when betting with different bookmakers. So, you should keep in mind one main rule for you: you should start betting at the bookmaker's with thorough studying its terms and Rules. Today there are so many online casino options available that deciding on any one of online casino reviews south africa to play needs a serious bit of thinking. There is tremendous competition among casinos nowadays. As a result they are showering the players with bonuses and promotions. Choosing the best casino bonus can be tricky.

Automatic preference should be given to casinos that pay you large sign-up bonus. Also you should decide based on your specific needs. It is important to compare the different bonus offers available and you might want to pick one with a percentage match or maximum bonus based on your playing habits. Here are some noteworthy points to remember while selecting the right casino. Choose a high maximum payout one if you are a high risk casino player and want to get paid a lot with a sizeable deposit.

Look for a bonus deal with a high percentage if you want to maximize your bonus with a small deposit. This will help you to multiply your initial deposits.

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