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Start by putting 2 checkers on point number 24 (furthest from your home board), then 5 checkers on point 13 and then 3 more checkers on point 8 and finally 5 checkers on point 6 (these are already in your home board). In total you should have 15 checkers and so should your opponent. Now your opponent simply sets up his men in a mirror image of yours -in other words on the points directly across from where you placed your 15 checkers. To avoid any confusion each player has their own color men -usually light and dark.

Now that you understand the backgammon setup it's easy to get going. The nice thing about a backgammon game download is everything is set up automatically when you start playing. That's why so many people are turning to backgammon software as their preferred way to play. The backgammon download is easy and free. Just install and you can play whenever you want for fun or for real money bets. Free backgammon is a popular way to practice and sharpen your Safe online blackjack for money.

Backgammon takes skills and is not a game of chance. A strong player that has much practice and experience will almost always beat out a weak player. That's why backgammon Safe online blackjack for money is essential when paying. In addition to learn how to play backgammon there are many advanced tips and strategies you can read about online in order to improve your playing abilities and your overall chances of winning. Good luck. Theoretically anyone can become an NBA player but in reality in order to become an NBA player you have to meet a whole lot of criteria, you have to be noticed by scouts and above all there has to be spot for you on the team.

In order to selected in NBA, you have to play at college level. You have to know the nuances of the game and of course, train very hard. Players keen to selected for NBA maintain a strict diet regimen, exercise very hard and ensure they sleep well to help their body recover. They also spend a lot of time practicing to improve their game and skills. Safe online blackjack for money make sure that they learn and evolve continuously as players. Usually, basketball players have to be tall. However, if a player is not tall, he makes up for this lack by being quick and accurate with shots and passes. All basketball players need to excellent and outstanding maneuvering abilities. For those players who could not make it to the college team for some reason or the other, they should not feel disheartened.

They always have the option of playing in Europe. However, you need to have good contacts. Players should find out how to get in touch with scouts. You can also get yourself an agent who will help you in all these matters. Remember, if you are talented and top notch player, you will get noticed for the draft because of all the publicity you get. But this does not mean that you will be selected. There has to be an open slot in the team for you. In order to part of the NBA, you would have to make basketball you life. You would be required to put in very long hours of training and practice. Plus take care of what you eat and drink as these are all connected to your fitness. You would have to build your focusing abilities so that during games you concentrate on the issue at hand rather than being distracted.

Once you have learned to do these things, it should be a lot easier to get selected for an NBA draft. Remember, commitment and perseverance will go a long way so start planning your NBA future today. About the writer: Nigel Kerry is an American free lance writer born in Los Angeles, California. Kerry writes Sportsbook reviews, sport book articles and articles with respect to Sports Betting. How to Become a NBA Player How Did Michael Jordan Become the Best Basketball Player of All Time.

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How to Become a Pro Basketball Player Do you want to make money while playing cards. Have you heard about people making lots of money from playing Blackjack and wondered how they did it. If you have had these questions then this article is for you. Blackjack is currently the most popular card game in the world and with good reason. Blackjack is one of the few casino Safe online blackjack for money where the player is able to gain an advantage over the house. The game of Blackjack is a very easy to learn because of its simple nature and few rules. Anyone can learn the game in less that fifteen minutes and while it does require some additional time anyone is able to master the game with the help.

Once the game has been mastered the player has the ability to gain an advantage over the house and start making money. Unlike other casino games were complex systems and electronic tools are needed to be able to even the odds Blackjack can be mastered without any tools and in a completely legal way. Unlike other casino games where the house is heavily favored over the players the game of Blackjack even odds when the player follows the Basic Strategy. Basic Strategy is a system that was developed that shows the player the right move to make depending on the cards the player is holding and the card that the dealer is showing.

While Basic Strategy works well for creating equal odds there are other legal ways that players create favorable odds while playing Blackjack. Over the years there have been many successful Blackjack players who developed systems that continually beat the dealers. The Blackjack Hall of Fame is a testament to the ability for players to even the odds and take down the house.