Us Bingo Online Promotions

Us bingo online promotions

The war between online gambling and the US gaming industry is getting heavy, as the government is intervening now. Why. Simple, many states receive a lot of revenue from the gaming industry. States like Nevada, Alabama and New Jersey and without this tax revenue they will have severe budget issues. You might recall that the New Jersey Governor used threatened to close the NJ Atlantic Casinos if they state legislature did not come up with a budget.

How much do states rely on this money. Well in NJ it is nearly 2 million dollars a day in tax revenue. See the point. The Gambling Online sites are having a war with the Gambling Establishment in the US; Such as in Las Vegas, Tunica, Atlantic City, Gulf Coast. They have fought against the CT, CA, OK, IA and other Indian Casinos and lost in political and legal battles. China is now putting in Billion Dollar Casinos and the Asian Las Vegas crowd is dwindling too. There is a war right now due to lobbyists and political interests against online casinos; a 250 Billion Dollar industry and it will grow. Offshore money flows, legalities and business interests are involved BIG TIME. Why is this even an issue from a regulatory standpoint. Well a couple of reasons.

The FCC handles communication and phone lines. Online Internet uses that system of communication. Also International Terrorists might use online offshore gambling to raise money to attack us. Additionally consumers in states where gambling is illegal might partake in this activity across stateliness and international borders as well. Consider all this in 2006. Wow. A national television show, large cable company, senior producer wants to talk to me about my work.

Oh my gosh. So I got on the phone, gave him a call, and had a wonderful conversation. He had checked me out fully, visited my website, and had some very pointed questions. He then told me they were very interested in my work and felt it would be of great benefit to their demographic. He definitely wanted to have me on their show in 3-5 minute editorial Us bingo online promotions that would represent me as an expert in my type of coaching. So he proceeded to give me all Us bingo online promotions details about what would happen, what wouldn't happen, how it would be styled, but then the big shoe dropped.

For me to be on the show, I had to pay them. I had to pay them to the tune of 5900. Wow. This totally floored me. You don't pay to be on a show that's asking to interview you, that's not the norm. So why were they asking me to pay a 5900 scheduling fee. The producer told me they have a 2 million opt-in email list they email to weekly and Us bingo online promotions claim to have approximately 400,000 women watching on a daily basis. So why would I be paying them to be on the show. Bottom line, it's advertising. They want to have me because they believe I have a worthwhile service which will make a good best slots biloxi and be of benefit to their demographic, but at the same time they are doing me a favor and creating an advertisement.

What bothered me is why didn't he just say that. He never called it a paid advertisement. I don't know if there are any FCC or FTC guidelines which he must Us bingo online promotions to in his representation of their proposal but it felt sort of like bending the truth a bit. And to top it off, I never heard Us bingo online promotions absolute guarantee that it would air. Just think, I would pay 5900 for an advertisement that yes, I would get a copy and could use on my own site, but may not air on their show and introduce me to their huge audience.

I did some online research and found this type of programming is called Pay to Play. I also found there are many different opinions on the web ranging from this being a scam to it being a legitimate business endeavor.